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All your questions and worries concerning real estate buying and selling of residential homes can be answered by Eyes2themoon realty group. As a real estate organization specialized in the buying and selling of residential homes, we are the best in terms of family oriented and we serve our clients with love and respect while aiming for the best.

If you need a home from either the neighborhood of Waukegan IL and Gurnee IL or the surrounding area, you can feel free to contact us and have the best you can ever think of. We can always help you out with trends and updates for your local area so you can successfully purchase your family home. Real estate buying and selling have never been this easy.

Though we are a newly created realty group, we have gone as far as putting together a team of experienced advisers with over 20 years of active service in the business.

Eyes2themon can make your real estate experience be highly rewarding for both property buyers and sellers as we provide top tips and guide you through the process of either buying or selling.


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We provide our customers with solutions to their real estate problems. Don't look at us as we are in contact with our customers to buy and sell their homes, our goal is bigger, we want to build as many relationships as possible.  We want our customers to feel comfortable and right at home when speaking with our team. We provide our customers with answers to their real estate problems and if we don't have the answer we will be glad to guide them in the right direction.

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