We love our private money lenders and they love us back! We normally generate returns of 12% that's backed by the real estate itself which means you lower your risk significantly compared to traditional investments.

We deal with lenders from all walks of life doctors, lawyers, warehouse workers, high school sports coaches, grandma or grandpa just to give you an idea. If you have a chunk of money just sitting in the bank why not get that money working for you? give your Benjamin's more Benjamin's!

We run a very professional business we will conduct meetings and all paperwork is documented with copies for us and the lender. We address all concerns and questions via email, call, messenger and other forms of communication.

Let's not forget about our buyers!! Ours buyers purchase homes from us that we have under contract whether that's to buy and hold, fix and flip or any of the many exit strategies to add to their portfolio.


The benefit of working with us we provide our buyers with a scope of work, ARV,  and cost of repairs to make their job a little easier.   

Our network of mortgage brokers, real estate agents, attorneys and other real estate professionals will be your resources as well 

We are very in-tune with our community we love to keep you updated on events, what's going on in the community and surrounding areas. From music festivals to charity events park scavenger hunts, Halloween, Christmas we know there's something to peak your interest. We are a family and would love for you to come to join our growing family 

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We provide our customers with solutions to their real estate problems. Don't look at us as we are in contact with our customers to buy and sell their homes, our goal is bigger, we want to build as many relationships as possible.  We want our customers to feel comfortable and right at home when speaking with our team. We provide our customers with answers to their real estate problems and if we don't have the answer we will be glad to guide them in the right direction.

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