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Real Estate and Gamers

Gamers Investing in Real Estate

You may not think that gamers and real estate investment are things that go together. However, there are a lot of principles in gaming that applies to many other aspects of the real world including investing in real estate. For instance, both gaming and real estate investing are highly competitive industries. Having a competitive spirit that is fueled by passion makes us great at what we do. Real estate investing can be just as rewarding as winning intense matches in Apex Legends. It’s a team effort that is only made possible with knowledge and expertise.

As a gamer, you really can’t pick up a game like League of Legends and Fortnite and be amazing at it right away. There are some growing pains. You may get lucky a few times, but you really need to work at being great. You need to put in the time and practice to excel. You need to use your strengths and take advantage of them. After you put the time in, you know how to use your strengths to win matches. You understand that maybe you play a support better than you play a tank, so you stick to that role. However, you also realize to be great you need to have the ability to flex off that role whenever you need to. Gaming isn’t just about button-mashing; there’s a strategy that you need to come up with and accomplish to win.

Now when you think about these principles, a lot of these do translate into the real estate industry. There are other real estate investors, so you need to find the competitive edge to be successful. You need to study and plan, coming up with the best strategy for your investment. You need to be able to adjust your strategy as needed, which means that you need to be flexible for the possibility that something isn’t going as planned.

There is also numbers and statistics that you have to be familiar with. For instance, in League of Legends or other games, there are metas that determine the highest possible of success. This combination of players and roles is required to get the best results. For real estate, there are similar factors that you need to consider for success. The location of the house, the best team members to get the sales, and the best numbers to crunch to yield the highest profits.

There are a lot of negative connotations about gamers and who they are. We feel as though being gamers has only made us better at real estate investment. You play games to get that intense feeling of joy when you get the reward, like opening up a loot box and getting awesome gear. You get this same feeling when you sign those papers after a successful round of real estate investment. It’s about getting the reward. We are as passionate about real estate as we are about our video games. We want to be the best and we crunch numbers as we strive to achieve this goal.

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