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Have Some Skele-Fun This Halloween—Let Us Do the Work

The spooky season is now upon us, but selling your property this Halloween doesn’t have to be scary. It is hard enough to carve out time when you are not busy carving pumpkins. The spooky season should be bursting with ghoulish tricks and treats, not spent stressing about buying or selling your home. Our team of creative problem solvers can help you with all your real estate needs. Our experience means we see issues that might not cross your mind. These issues might even include uncovering a haunted history. We have access to data that can help you find what you are looking for at the best price based on your specific needs and market dictation. For example, we have data about comparable sales that confirm whether the asking price is within the right range. We offer a network of contacts in the real estate industry to ensure that the best minds are helping you. One area that we can offer advice is with your deed of trust or mortgage. A deed of trust is similar to a mortgage. Both documents are used to pledge interest in real property to secure a loan. Like a mortgage, a deed of trust allows for a party to foreclose on the property if the borrower defaults on the loan. The main difference is that if the borrower defaults, the trustee typically uses a non-judicial foreclosure to recover the property. Deeds of trust, allow a lender to instruct the trustee to sell your property in contrast to a mortgage where a lender needs court approval to foreclose.

If your lender is haunting you, we can offer advice on how to avoid foreclosure. There are plenty of ghoulish lenders out there, but plenty can be persuaded to help you receive a treat rather than a trick this Halloween. Up until the time your home is auctioned, most lenders would prefer to negotiate a solution to get your mortgage back on track than take your home. The key is keeping open communication with your lender and asking for help before your debt is a problem. We can help with navigating the selling process, even if your home has a few demons. If your house has spooky houseguests, you may sit a little longer on the market, according to a 2000 study from Wright State University. However, The Star reported in 2018 that there was a market for haunted houses. According to experts in the industry, there is evidence that spooky houses can be considered a feature by a niche of buyers If your house is haunted, there is evidence to suggest you may need to sweeten the deal. Realtor.com reported in 2018 that one in three buyers of over 1,000 participants would be willing to purchase a haunted home if they could leverage those pesky spirits hanging around to get a lower price. The most likely demographic intake on a haunted home was Millennials. Even if your house is haunted, there is hope for selling your home without making any sacrifices with the right marketing. If you need help making a move, contact us this Halloween. We think to help you would be fangtastic!


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